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Detailed Overview of Your Inner Health 

Cancer, stroke, and heart attacks are responsible for about 60% of all deaths. With an MRI scan of your body, diseases like these can be diagnosed in their early stages. In Sweden, the waiting time for an MRI through the healthcare system is very long, and doctor referrals are only given to patients already showing symptoms.

We offer full body MRIs to those without a doctor's referral. With the MRI you will quickly get a full in-depth picture of your health, and can detect even the smallest sign of disease before symptoms start showing. 

Enhanced Diagnostics with AMRA® Profiler

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Benefits of Executive Health Examination

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PET/CT Scan machine

AMRA® Profiler is a tool that gives additional support when diagnosing and monitoring metabolic and muscle-related diseases. AMRA converts 3D MRI scans from a quick full body scan to quantitative fat and muscle values, that are put in a reference range to detect abnormalities. 

AMRA® Profiler does not emit any ionizing radiation, and delivers exceptional measuring accuracy and precision when measuring the individual's fat och muscle composition, as well as fat distribution and metabolic status. With this tool we can see high visceral fat and poor fat distribution, and therein detect higher risk for type II Diabetes and cardiovascular disease. 

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The Executive Package

Early Detection - The Best Treatment

By detecting disease early, even before symptoms start to show, you increase your chances of successful treatment greatly. This can mean the difference between a good and bad prognosis, and maybe even life or death. 

Quick and No Referral Requirement

No doctor's referral is required to go through our executive health exam, and the wait time is a few weeks at most. The entire exam is completed in one day, and you receive your results and review them with a doctor within 10 days after your exam. 

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Advanced Technology and Expertise

We only use the latest generation of medical equipment, to ensure the best possible result. Our staff has received specialist training in radiology, and are very experienced using the equipment. Our doctors have many years experience analyzing these results, and detecting even the smallest abnormalities. 

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Cross-border healthcare service

The Executive package designed for those who want to do an in-depth examination of your health, where nothing is left out. From SMC you get a complete solution that includes:

  • Executive health exam
  • Trip to & from Riga (from Stockholm, Gothenburg or Copenhagen)
  • 2 nights in a hotel (before and after your exam)
  • All transportation and a personal assistant accompanying you to all doctor visits/exams
  • Individual written compilation of all your results
  • USB with your MRI scans
  • AMRA® Body Composition Profile Report
  • Review of your results with a specialist doctor (online or over phone) within 10 days of your exam
  • If necessary, doctor's referral to hospital clinic at home

- Review with doctor, clinical exam
- Blood analysis
- Bone densitometry (DEXA, DXA)
- Pulmonary function tests (Spirometry)
- Skin exam with possible biopsy
- Resting-EKG & Working-EKG
- Medical ultrasound exam (heart, neck vessels, groin vessels)
- MRI full body
- EXCLUSIVE: Body Composition Analysis with AMRA® Profiler

Executive health exam: 

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Package price: 43.000 SEK


Contact us to book today: 

We take care of all administrative and logistics tasks, such as making appointments, booking a hotel, and transportation. Our service also includes your own SMC assistant that will be at your disposal during your stay.

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AMRA Profiler body scan
AMRA Profiler body scan
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